Personalized Coaching

If you could have anything you wanted out of music, what would that be?  Is there anything that you wish you could do with the guitar but find yourself unable to?  What is it like for you to know where you want to be, but to not quite get there?  For me, situations like this have been frustrating, deflating, and have left me thinking that maybe I’m just not worthy of having those things.

You might think that achieving what you want is unattainable.  Or, possibly, that you just don’t know where to begin with realizing your dreams.  It could be that you know what you need to be doing, but find yourself not taking the actions needed for you to be progressing.  The fact is that what you want out of music is possible and available to you, and that you are in complete control of your future.

I offer personalized music coaching sessions.  These sessions are intended to launch you powerfully into whatever project you have in mind for yourself through music.  In our work together, we will discuss what you are committed to in music, what you are out to achieve, your long-term and short-term goals, and we will create a plan of action so that you can live into a reality that you have authored.  I believe that working with me will leave you feeling inspired and empowered to create, because the journey will be initiated by your interests and desires.  You will be behind the wheel, with me riding shotgun.


What we call our “project” can be almost anything.  If you are a beginning musician, it could be as simple as learning to sing and play a particular song.  More advanced students could aim toward mastering a style of music, writing an album of one’s own music, learning to read, or creating a professional career for yourself in music.  No goal is too small nor too lofty.  I will help you break down whatever barriers exist between you and your goals.  The great thing about goals is that as soon as you meet one, you can create new goals, and you can achieve heights such that you never before considered possible.

My background as a guitarist and guitar educator suits me particularly toward guitar-related goals, however, non-guitarists and clients with non-guitar-related goals will surely find my style of coaching beneficial in attaining their desired outcomes.  If you are not a guitarist and/or don’t have the desire to be one but are interested in my coaching services, please reach out to me so we can explore what might be available for you out of receiving coaching from me.

What it will look like to work with me:

We will have a one-hour session once per week.  This session can take place over video-chat or in person at your home or office.  During that session, we will discuss your long-term goals and create a short-term plan of action for you.  I will provide you with systems of accountability to support you in meeting your goals, including a 15-minute phone call scheduled roughly halfway between our weekly sessions, or a week after the final session if no further sessions are scheduled.

I am currently in the process of creating an archive of video and PDF content, which will be available to you as it is generated.  Access to this information will add ongoing value to our sessions.

Interested? Get a free half-hour session!

Please contact me via email to schedule a phone call.  I am offering you a free half-hour coaching session so that you can have an idea of what it is that I do and so that I can get familiar with what you’re out to create for yourself.  This initial call is a free service from me, and there is no obligation to book.